Gluten free substitutions

Okay, this post is just to clear the air and address concerns that I know are near and dear to our hearts.

Substitutions, generally speaking, are not healthy.  Desserts full of sugar, breads full of preservatives, etc. will not heal you if you’re suffering from a gluten related allergy or disease.

That being said, we consider very carefully the recipes we put together for our families.  Breads may still include too many carbs to allow for weight loss; for our families that is not our biggest concern, though, and we do restrict our daily intake of those things we deem less healthy (except when we’re in recipe experimentation mode)!

We also tailor our recipes for our families – I tend to avoid using corn products as they have always bothered me, but eggs aren’t a hot button for us.  Dairy, well, we’re still working through – some us have issues with milk and ice cream, but not so much in cooking or with yogurt and cheese.

If you or your family have different concerns, and we can help you with adjusting one of our recipes (or one of yours) just let us know.

~ Kay ~

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