Eggplant Cauliflower Stuffing/Casserole


I developed this recipe to take the place of a traditional stuffing (although I made a cornbread dressing as well for our Thanksgiving table).  As it turned out, this was a huge hit, and we ended up with very little left.  It’s a keeper.  Measurements for me are not an exact science – over the years I have just developed an eye for what seems right.  I do fail sometimes, but most of the time, it just works.  Don’t be too tied to following recipes exactly – it’s fun to develop your own style!


Kiba’s Chicken Peanut Pad Thai

1-IMG_7809So for dinner tonight eldest daughter (nicknamed Kiba) helped make her sister’s birthday dinner.  I say helped – more accurately – I was the helper!  This child is the one we call our “pastafarian” and the one holdout to our gluten free lifestyle – but she’s working on it and getting better.  She loves everything Asian, so as Pad Thai noodles are made of rice and gluten free, we use them frequently.  More

Super Tasty Sliders

5-IMG_7765So, this weekend at Chez de Kay:  Got this great “moon pie” pan that we decided would be an excellent size for hamburger sliders.

While Mom headed for the health food store to restock a couple things, dear daughter #2 (17 next week!) put together these super tasty burgers. More

A Few Baking Techniques . . .


If you’re new to gluten free baking, it can be quite a challenge and shock to the system – and over the last couple years I’ve baked quite a few batches of “fish food”. (Chez de Kay has a pond in the back yard, so even if it’s so bad we can’t eat it, there’s always something that will!)

We started out learning the basics by using the recipes of many great gluten free bakers – often in our bread machines.  Over time, while we liked some of those mixes, we decided we wanted to develop our own. More

Breakfast Waffles

1-IMG_7754If you like waffles, these have the great texture you’ll remember and want to duplicate often!  Using the Gluten Free Miracle Mix you may leave out the cheese and double the yogurt/sour cream for a light fluffy inside and crispy outside; or if you like your waffles to have a bit more “bite” or chewiness like my family does, leave the cheese in!

Chicken w/Sundried Tomatoes in Red Coconut Sauce


As I was checking my fridge this week for a quick meal, I realized I had run out of heavy cream. My intention had been to throw together a quick creamy sauce to go over some gluten free pasta. As it turns out, my alternative sauce here ended up being an even bigger hit with my boys then the normal dish would have been. They both dubbed this beautiful red sauce “the YUMMY sauce”, even going so far as to ask if we had enough for leftovers to be sent in their lunchboxes. More