Triple Chocolate Donuts

Chocolate chocolate chip donuts

We used to have a donut shop here on the island, and the boys loved nothing more than a donut treat every so often. It closed last year, and they’ve had to go without donuts except on the odd trip back to visit the states. I finally decided to invest in a couple of donut pans as a treat and try my hand at making donuts. More

No-GMO, organic foods, and becoming a label reader

With each little mouth that has been added to our family over the last few years, I have become more and more involved in researching any foods and medicines that go into all the little bodies I am responsible for. It’s quite a fine line to walk as our children grow. We want them to eat well and be healthy, but at the same time we don’t want to be so restrictive that they end up rebelling and going in a totally unhealthy direction once they are old enough to make decisions for themselves. More

Chicken w/Sundried Tomatoes in Red Coconut Sauce


As I was checking my fridge this week for a quick meal, I realized I had run out of heavy cream. My intention had been to throw together a quick creamy sauce to go over some gluten free pasta. As it turns out, my alternative sauce here ended up being an even bigger hit with my boys then the normal dish would have been. They both dubbed this beautiful red sauce “the YUMMY sauce”, even going so far as to ask if we had enough for leftovers to be sent in their lunchboxes. More

Key Lime Kale-icious Salad

IMG_9591-001As one of the latest wonder-foods to hit our radar, we’ve tried many variations of the lovely kale salad. Our favorite version from our own kitchen has even my ultra-picky 4 year old sold on it – he loves his kale-icious salad! Serve with lovely home-made GF chicken tenders (recipe to follow soon), and everyone is happy. More