Gluten free substitutions

Okay, this post is just to clear the air and address concerns that I know are near and dear to our hearts. Substitutions, generally speaking, are not healthy.  Desserts full of sugar, breads full of preservatives, etc. will not heal you if you’re suffering from a gluten related allergy or disease. That being said, we …


Super Tasty Sliders

5-IMG_7765So, this weekend at Chez de Kay:  Got this great “moon pie” pan that we decided would be an excellent size for hamburger sliders.

While Mom headed for the health food store to restock a couple things, dear daughter #2 (17 next week!) put together these super tasty burgers. More

A Few Baking Techniques . . .


If you’re new to gluten free baking, it can be quite a challenge and shock to the system – and over the last couple years I’ve baked quite a few batches of “fish food”. (Chez de Kay has a pond in the back yard, so even if it’s so bad we can’t eat it, there’s always something that will!)

We started out learning the basics by using the recipes of many great gluten free bakers – often in our bread machines.  Over time, while we liked some of those mixes, we decided we wanted to develop our own. More

Breakfast Waffles

1-IMG_7754If you like waffles, these have the great texture you’ll remember and want to duplicate often!  Using the Gluten Free Miracle Mix you may leave out the cheese and double the yogurt/sour cream for a light fluffy inside and crispy outside; or if you like your waffles to have a bit more “bite” or chewiness like my family does, leave the cheese in!

Vegetarian Ceviche


Vegetarian Ceviche for a crowd . . .

While traditionally one thinks of raw fish when speaking of Ceviche, the word ceviche itself is oft disputed as to meaning – but most explanations involve the ideas of cooking with a citrus or vinegar like marinade or pickling – so theoretically, most anything could be “cooked” ceviche style! More

Gluten Free Miracle Mix


Our Gluten Free Miracle Mix is a unique and versatile mix for use as a bread replacement.  While warm, it has a light, soft smooth texture inside – even slightly gooey depending on the type of cheese used in the mix.  When cooled, the texture is airy and light.  More