Easy-peasy Pizza!

1-IMG_7942Pizza. One of the first things most folks seem to miss when transitioning to a gluten free diet.  We’ve tried so many different varieties – and many of them are frustrating because they don’t hold together, must be eaten with a fork, etc. More

Eggplant Cauliflower Stuffing/Casserole


I developed this recipe to take the place of a traditional stuffing (although I made a cornbread dressing as well for our Thanksgiving table).  As it turned out, this was a huge hit, and we ended up with very little left.  It’s a keeper.  Measurements for me are not an exact science – over the years I have just developed an eye for what seems right.  I do fail sometimes, but most of the time, it just works.  Don’t be too tied to following recipes exactly – it’s fun to develop your own style!


Can you smell the Gluten in the air?

Okay, so we’ve been primarily gluten free for the past two years.  Basically this means that I haven’t used any flours containing gluten in my kitchen (they’ve been relegated to the highest shelf in my pantry where one needs a step stool to reach them).  I’ve also been reading labels and trying to avoid buying anything with wheat.  Sadly, though, until recently – we have been “cheating” by eating breaded seafood, chicken, etc. when we go out to eat – or removing the bun from the burger or chicken sandwich.  More

Kiba’s Chicken Peanut Pad Thai

1-IMG_7809So for dinner tonight eldest daughter (nicknamed Kiba) helped make her sister’s birthday dinner.  I say helped – more accurately – I was the helper!  This child is the one we call our “pastafarian” and the one holdout to our gluten free lifestyle – but she’s working on it and getting better.  She loves everything Asian, so as Pad Thai noodles are made of rice and gluten free, we use them frequently.  More